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Welcome to Richmond PAL

RichmondPAL Program

What is the Vision for PAL?

To be a premier organization providing opportunities through sports and education for at-risk youth. Officers helping kids become champions in life.

How will PAL achieve this Vision?

  • Conducting programs that build life skills through athletic, cultural, and educational activities
  • Promoting and supporting police participation-building bonds between cops and kids
  • Enhancing family, city, and corporate support
  • Creating strategic partnerships with other youth development organizations

What Values are important to PAL?

  • Integrity-promoting the wholeness and soundness of the person
  • Trust- fostering confidence in relationships
  • Safety-learning about a safe environment
  • Respect-showing consideration and courteous regard for others
  • Leadership-teaching kids to lead and be examples to others
  • Teamwork-working together to make our community stronger